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Jiangxi Kangqi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Kangqi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in Rubber synchronous belts and special belts production, research, and development. We have our famous brand SABLES, KML which is well-known by customers all over the world. And we are also the agency of Japan Bando Belts.
We are a professional Rubber V-belts/Wide-angle Belts Manufacturer and Rubber V-belts/Wide-angle Belts Factory, Our main products include rubber synchronous belts, double-sided belts, coated feeding belts, flat belts, ribbed belts, tooth-ribbed belts, polyurethane timing belts, conveyor belts and synchronous belt wheels, fish-separation belts, endless belts for high-speed packing and printing machines, nut-shell belt, vegetable-cutting belt and all kinds of special processing belt.
Our factory has the advanced equipment to develop and produce with National and International standards. We also have the advanced long-pitch rubber timing belt mold within 8600mm. Our products are widely used in the printing, packing industry, textile, paper, food industry, cable industries, home appliances, footwear, ceramics, logistics new energy industry, etc. We are a stable supplier for the MiSUMi industry platform.
Our company can produce the Japan Bando light conveyor belts in our factory since we are the machining center of Bando in Shanghai with spot goods and coil material. We have abundant stocks at our branch offices in Shanghai, Foshan, Ningbo, Jinan, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, and Dongguan to ensure our products provide satisfactory service to customers promptly.
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Rubber V-belts/Wide-angle Belts Industry knowledge

Rubber V-belts, also known as Vee belts, are a type of power transmission belt that feature a trapezoidal cross-section. 
Wide-angle belts are a variation of V-belts designed to accommodate larger pulley diameters and higher horsepower transmissions. They offer increased power capacity and are suitable for heavy-duty applications where standard V-belts might not suffice.

The application of rubber V-belts/wide-angle belts in the field of construction machinery?
Rubber V-belts/wide angle belts have a wide range of applications in the field of construction machinery. They are mainly used to transmit power and torque, transmitting the rotational power of electric motors or internal combustion engines to various equipment and machinery. The following are some of the main applications of rubber V-belts/wide-angle belts in the field of construction machinery:
Power transmission: Rubber V-belt/wide-angle belt is an important component of the power transmission system in construction machinery. They can effectively transmit the power of the engine to various working devices, such as the working arms, dippers, tracks, etc. of loaders, excavators, rollers, etc., ensuring the normal operation of construction machinery.
Variable speed transmission: In engineering machinery that requires variable speed, rubber V-belts/wide angle belts also play an important role. By adjusting the diameter of the pulley or changing the tension of the belt, variable speed transmission of power can be achieved to meet the speed requirements of construction machinery under different working conditions.
Noise reduction and vibration reduction: Rubber V-belts/wide-angle belts have a certain degree of elasticity and softness, which can reduce impact and vibration during the transmission process and lower noise levels. This is of great significance for improving the working environment of construction machinery and enhancing the comfort of operators.
Wear resistance and corrosion resistance: Due to the fact that construction machinery often needs to work in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, and dust, it is required that the transmission belt has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Rubber V-belts/wide angle belts are the ideal choice to meet these requirements, as they can maintain stable transmission performance in harsh environments.
In summary, rubber V-belts/wide-angle belts have broad application prospects in the field of construction machinery. They can not only improve the transmission efficiency and performance of construction machinery, but also reduce noise and vibration levels, and improve the working environment. With the continuous development of engineering machinery technology, the application of rubber V-belts/wide-angle belts will also become increasingly widespread.

What type of rubber V-belt/wide-angle belt is suitable for use in low-temperature areas?
When using rubber V-belts/wide angle belts in low-temperature areas, it is necessary to choose belt types with excellent cold resistance performance. Here are some types of rubber V-belts/wide angle belts suitable for use in low-temperature areas:
Cold resistant rubber V-belt: This type of rubber V-belt is made of special cold resistant rubber material, which can maintain good elasticity and toughness at lower temperatures, and is not easy to harden and crack. They usually have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for construction machinery that operates for long periods of time in low-temperature environments.
Neoprene rubber (CR) V-belt: Neoprene rubber has good cold and oil resistance, so it can still maintain good transmission performance in low temperature environments. CR V-belts are widely used in cold regions, especially in situations where resistance to oil and chemical erosion is required.
Silicone rubber (SiR) V-belt: Silicone rubber has excellent cold resistance and can maintain softness and elasticity at extremely low temperatures. This material also has good heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and electrical insulation. However, the cost of silicone rubber is usually high, so it may only be used in certain special applications.
V-belts with special coatings: Some rubber V-belt manufacturers offer V-belts with special coatings, which can increase the cold resistance and wear resistance of the belts. These coatings can protect the tape from the influence of low temperature environment and extend its service life.
When selecting rubber V-belts/wide angle belts suitable for use in low-temperature areas, in addition to considering the material's cold resistance, factors such as belt type, bandwidth, and belt length should also be considered to ensure compatibility with your construction machinery and transmission system.