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Jiangxi Kangqi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Kangqi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in Rubber synchronous belts and special belts production, research, and development. We have our famous brand SABLES, KML which is well-known by customers all over the world. And we are also the agency of Japan Bando Belts.
We are a professional Rubber Seamless Sander Belts Manufacturer and Rubber Seamless Sander Belts Factory, Our main products include rubber synchronous belts, double-sided belts, coated feeding belts, flat belts, ribbed belts, tooth-ribbed belts, polyurethane timing belts, conveyor belts and synchronous belt wheels, fish-separation belts, endless belts for high-speed packing and printing machines, nut-shell belt, vegetable-cutting belt and all kinds of special processing belt.
Our factory has the advanced equipment to develop and produce with National and International standards. We also have the advanced long-pitch rubber timing belt mold within 8600mm. Our products are widely used in the printing, packing industry, textile, paper, food industry, cable industries, home appliances, footwear, ceramics, logistics new energy industry, etc. We are a stable supplier for the MiSUMi industry platform.
Our company can produce the Japan Bando light conveyor belts in our factory since we are the machining center of Bando in Shanghai with spot goods and coil material. We have abundant stocks at our branch offices in Shanghai, Foshan, Ningbo, Jinan, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, and Dongguan to ensure our products provide satisfactory service to customers promptly.
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Rubber Seamless Sander Belts Industry knowledge

Rubber seamless sander belts are abrasive belts used in sanding machines for various applications such as woodworking, metalworking, and finishing tasks. 
What will be the impact if there is too much dirt on the surface of the rubber seamless sander belt?
If there is too much dirt on the surface of the rubber seamless sanding belt, it will have several adverse effects on its performance and usability, including:
Reduce sanding efficiency: Surface dirt can hinder the effective contact between the sanding belt and the workpiece surface, leading to a decrease in sanding efficiency. This means that more time and energy may be needed to complete the same sanding task.
Reducing the lifespan of sandpaper: Dirt and particles can accelerate the wear of sanding belts and may cause premature detachment of sand particles or structural damage to sanding belts. This will reduce the service life of the sanding strip and increase the cost of more frequent replacement.
Impact on sanding quality: Surface dirt may cause uneven marks or defects on the surface of the workpiece, affecting the final sanding quality. This is particularly unacceptable in applications that require high-quality surface treatment.
Increased risk of workpiece damage: If the surface dirt contains sharp or hard particles, these particles may scratch or damage the surface of the workpiece during the sanding process, leading to poor product quality.
Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the surface dirt of the rubber seamless sanding belt. This can ensure that the sanding strip maintains optimal performance and lifespan, while also ensuring the desired sanding effect is achieved.

Will the rubber seamless sander belt become soft and moldy when damp?
Rubber seamless sanding belts may indeed become soft due to moisture, but they are usually less prone to mold. Rubber itself is not an ideal environment for mold growth, but if humid conditions persist, it may lead to the growth of bacteria and mold.
When the rubber seamless sanding belt is damp, it usually causes the rubber to become soft and lose elasticity, thereby affecting its sanding effect and performance. In addition, humid environments may cause rust or corrosion of metal components on the sanding belt, further reducing its service life.
Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term storage and use of the rubber seamless sanding belt, it is recommended to store it in a dry and ventilated place, away from moisture and water sources. If the rubber seamless sanding belt is damp, it is best to thoroughly dry it before use to restore its original performance and quality.

Will the rubber seamless sanding belt deform if left unused for a long time?
Rubber seamless sanding belt may undergo slight deformation if left unused for a long time, especially when exposed to moisture or extreme temperature conditions. This deformation may manifest as a slight increase or decrease in bandwidth, or as bending or twisting in specific areas of storage.
Deformation may cause some problems, such as adjusting the tension or alignment of the sanding belt when installed on the sanding machine to ensure smooth operation of the sanding belt. Severe deformation may affect the performance and effectiveness of the sanding belt, and may even lead to vibration or uneven grinding of the workpiece during use.
To minimize the risk of deformation of rubber seamless sanding belts, it is recommended to store them in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or extreme temperature conditions. In addition, regularly flipping and rotating the stored sanding belt can help distribute storage pressure evenly and reduce possible deformation.