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Endless Rubber Flat Belt
  • Endless Rubber Flat Belt
  • Endless Rubber Flat Belt

Endless Rubber Flat Belt

Belt type:
Scope of application:

High-speed, smooth, and low-extension transmission and conveying systems, such as textile machinery, woodworking machinery, grinding machinery, ticket vending machines, vegetable cutting machines, etc.
High speed and stability, high tensile strength, and low elongation.
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Endless Rubber Flat Belt Industry knowledge

An endless rubber flat belt is a type of power transmission belt commonly used in industrial machinery to transmit power from one rotating shaft to another. 
Is an endless rubber flat belt suitable for transmitting motion between axes that are not directly aligned?
Yes, endless rubber flat belts are suitable for transmitting motion between axes that are not directly aligned. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, rubber flat belts can bend and wrap around misaligned shafts during transmission without losing transmission efficiency or sliding. This makes them ideal choices for many industrial applications, such as conveying systems, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment. Therefore, endless rubber flat belts are often used in applications where motion needs to be transmitted between different axes, even if these axes are not directly aligned.

Will excessive surface dirt on the endless rubber flat belt cause it to deviate?
Yes, excessive surface dirt may cause the endless rubber flat belt to deviate. When a large amount of dirt, grease, or other lubricants accumulate on the surface of a rubber flat belt, these dirt can change the friction coefficient between the belt and the driving and driven wheels, thereby increasing the risk of deviation.
Dirt can affect the friction between the belt and the wheel system, making it uneven or decreasing, which may cause the belt to deviate from the track unstable during operation. Especially under high-speed operation or heavy load conditions, this situation is more likely to occur.
Therefore, regularly cleaning the surface of the rubber flat belt is one of the important steps to prevent deviation. By ensuring that the surface of the belt is kept clean, uneven friction caused by dirt can be reduced, thereby reducing the risk of deviation and ensuring the normal operation of the transmission system.

What problems can occur if the endless rubber flat belt is too loose or too tight?
Loose or tight endless rubber flat belts can cause a series of problems, including:
Excessive looseness:
Runaway: Loose belts are prone to deviating from the track during operation, leading to deviation and affecting the stability and efficiency of the transmission system.
Sliding: Loose belts may cause sliding during the transmission process, reducing transmission efficiency and accelerating belt wear.
Premature bearing wear: Loose belts may cause impact and vibration during the transmission process, leading to premature bearing wear and shortening the service life of the equipment.
Too tight:
Increase power consumption: Tight straps can increase the frictional resistance of the transmission system, increase power consumption, and may lead to a decrease in device performance.
Accelerated belt wear: A belt that is too tight will increase friction between the belt and the wheel system, leading to increased surface wear of the belt and shortening its service life.
Premature wear of bearings: Tight straps may increase the load on the bearings, leading to premature wear of the bearings and affecting the stability and reliability of the equipment.
Therefore, maintaining an appropriate tension state is crucial for the normal operation of the endless rubber flat belt. Regularly checking the tension status of the belt and adjusting it as needed to ensure that the belt maintains appropriate tension is an important step in ensuring the stability of the transmission system and extending the service life of the equipment.